Humanitarian Aid for Nicaragua
Since April 19, 2018, Nicaragua has suffered its worst sociopolitical crisis in 40 years.  Over 400 dead, 2500 wounded, and many more kidnapped and incarcerated without due process by the Daniel Ortega Regime.  We need your help, find out how right here.


Regala una canasta básica a las familias de los presos políticos en Nicaragua

Saludos mi Gente! Arrancamos con la Campaña de las Canastas Navideñas para las Familias de los Presos Políticos en Nicaragua! Gracias de antemano por su apoyo y por favor compartir! Solo el Pueblo Salva al pueblo! Unidos por Nicaragua!

Con los fondos recaudados vamos a entregar una Canasta Basica Navideña de Alimentos para las Familias de los Presos Políticos en Nicaragua. Estimamos que cada Canasta Navideña tiene un costo aproximado de $35 dolares. La meta es recaudar para 100 Canastas Navideñas que seran entregadas a las Familias de los Presos Politicos en Nicaragua. Los Alimentos de las Canastas Navideñas seran comprados en Nicaragua y las Canastas seran elaboradas y entregadas en Nicaragua. Solo el Pueblo Salva al Pueblo

With the funds raised we will deliver a Basic Christmas Basket of Food for the Families of Political Prisoners in Nicaragua. We estimate that each Christmas Basket has an approximate cost of $35 dollars. The goal is to raise for 100 Christmas Baskets that will be delivered to the Families of Political Prisoners in Nicaragua. The Christmas Basket Foods will be purchased in Nicaragua and the Basket will be prepared and delivered in Nicaragua.




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Luis Calero, M.A


Luis Calero is an award-winning Video Producer in San Francisco, CA.
Luis Calero is committed to positively impact our community. Luis Calero earned a bachelors degree in Radio and T.V from San Francisco State University, and a Masters degree in Multimedia Communications from the Academy of Art university in San Francisco, CA.

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